Keeping your technology assets organized and accounted for

Asset tagging services and zero touch deployment services to ensure that you always stay on loop.

Auto prod
Cut costs and drive eficiency

Benefits of asset tagging


4 hours saved for each device deployed

With Microsoft Autopilot and Microsoft Endpoint Manager, which includes Intune, IT departments saw cost and time savings with surface device deployments.

67% reduction in help desk support calls

It help desk cal times decreased on average from 45 minutes to 15 minutes with Microsoft 365-powered Surface device deployments

3.25 hours saved deploying updates on surface

Reduced challenges when windows update pushes patches to surface devices powered by Microsoft 365.

A person sitting at a desk with a laptop

Remote team members

Zero touch deployment

Eliminate time consuming reimaging of your devices by shipping them directly to your employees surface is built for the windows autopilot experience.


Manage remotely

Manage from anywhere

Manage devices down to the firmware layer through the cloud for an extra level of control when needed – for example, disabling webcams in high security settings.


A person sitting at a desk with a laptop.
A girl sitting at a table looking at a laptop

Remote team members

Accelerate deployment

FastTrack helps you accelerate Surface deployment and end-user adoption of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 aps, managed with the Enterprise Mobility + Security on Surface.


Manage remotely

Consolidated Devices

Manage fewer devices when employees can do it al with one Surface device. Reduce employees needs for companion tables, Wi-Fi hotspots, and more.



Surface Hub 25 deliver on the promise of more inclusive meetings.

Salamander Electric Lift Mobile Stand

Take control of collaboration workspaces with Salamander’s Electric Lift Mobile Stands.

Surface Hub 2 Smart Camera

Wireless and auto-framing

APC™ Charge Mobile Battery

Powers Surface Hub 25 50-inch


Frequently Asked Questions

Customers Frequently Asked us

Asset tagging services involve labeling and tracking your technology assets to keep them organized and accounted for. These services ensure that you always stay in the loop regarding your devices’ location and status. By tagging your assets, you can streamline inventory management, reduce loss, and increase overall operational efficiency.

Zero touch deployment is a hassle-free method of setting up devices without the need for time-consuming reimaging. With this service, your devices are shipped directly to your employees, ready for use with the Windows Autopilot experience. This streamlined deployment process saves time and effort, allowing your staff to start working quickly and efficiently.

Managing devices down to the firmware layer through the cloud provides an additional layer of control. For instance, in high-security settings, you can disable specific features like webcams. Cloud-based management allows administrators to remotely configure, update, and monitor devices, making it easier to maintain security and enforce policies from anywhere with internet access.

 FastTrack is a service that assists in speeding up Surface deployment and promoting end-user adoption of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 applications. It is managed with the Enterprise Mobility + Security on Surface. FastTrack provides expert guidance and resources to ensure a smooth transition to new technologies, allowing your organization to take full advantage of the benefits of Surface devices and related software.

When employees use one Surface device for their work needs, it can lead to several benefits. Consolidation reduces the number of devices employees need to manage, simplifying IT support and decreasing potential compatibility issues. Additionally, with Surface devices, employees may find they have less reliance on companion tablets and Wi-Fi hotspots, streamlining their workflow and increasing productivity.

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